Black Zeppelin Studio
Based in the Netherlands

Release date:
14 May, 2020

Nintendo Switch


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DISCMASTER is a fun fantasy version of the classic game of Tic-tac-toe with a fun card game twist. The game features a band of young heroes on a quest to save their friend Nubby from the clutches of the evil Shadow Master. You must choose wisely to position your hero's discs on the grid to defeat your opponent’s discs and block their attacks. Each time you score three in a row, your opponent loses a hit point. Each of the heroes has a special ability to help you collect chests to unlock the next part of your journey on the world map. Factions included are the sword-and-shield wielding Hero Dogs, stealthy Karate Cats, and fireball wielding Fire Hogs. The game can be played alone or against a friend on the same system, docked or in handheld mode.


Black Zeppelin Studio is always on the lookout to create innovative spins on classic games. One day, John and Arrie sat at the office and were fantasizing about taking the classic game of tic-tac-toe and giving it an epic overhaul with combat mechanics reminiscent of collectible card games. The scope had to be turned down a little bit in order to preserve playability, but we were very happy to have found an accessible yet competitive version with fun mechanics and a challenging underlying strategy.


  • Local (couch) multiplayer allows you to battle your friends on a single device in television, tabletop or portable mode
  • Doesn’t require an active internet connection nor a Nintendo Switch Online membership
  • Single-player adventure mode allows you to explore 5 differently themed world maps: the Dark Forest, Frozen Peaks, Gloomy Swamps, Stormy Dunes, and Volcanic Hollow
  • Collect chests from challenges on the map to unlock new areas
  • Three starting factions to choose from: Hero Dogs that can attack and block at the same time, Fire Hogs who use fireballs to attack diagonally and Karate Cats that use stealth discs that ignore the first attack received


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Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)


About Black Zeppelin Studio

Black Zeppelin is a Dutch independent game studio made up of John Lopez and Arrie ten Wolde, focusing on board and card game mechanics and converting print games to digital.

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Discmaster Credits

John Lopez
Creative Developer, Game Designer, Black Zeppelin Studio

Arrie ten Wolde
Creative Developer, Game Designer, Black Zeppelin Studio

Dylan Nagel
Programmer, Freelancer

Tijmen van den Heuvel
Programmer, Freelancer

Eri Setiyono
Artist, Freelancer

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